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Adults & Families Welcome

Adults, children, and families

Earning a Black Belt is about more than what you learn
......it's about what you become.

Did you know that most of our adult students start with no previous martial arts experience?
Adults come for a variety of reasons, such as looking for stress relief, exercise, to learn self-defense,
to gain confidence, or to get fit.

Tae Kwon Do provides a fun and energetic total body workout. Classes are structured so that students can start at any fitness level and progress at their own pace. No two classes are the same, but each starts with a warm up, and can include stretching, cardio, bodyweight & core exercises, along with Taekwondo punching, kicking, Poomsae (forms), self-defense
techniques, and skills.

The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly, encouraging, and motivating. Instructions are given in a step by step manner that is easy to follow. Quality instruction is at the heart of everything we do, and we want to help you reach your goals.

Classes are led by instructors who will know your name, and be dedicated to your individual progress.

Quality instruction is at the heart of what we do.

Learning Taekwondo might just be the most fun you've ever had working out! You will learn effective blocking, kicking, and striking techniques. The time spent working out will empower you with self-defense skills. You will also be surrounded by a great group of classmates who will encourage and motivate you. Over time you will gain the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing how to defend yourself.

You may be surprised to find that Taekwondo has a positive impact on your daily life. Many adults have told us that they find themselves to be calmer, with increased focus and concentration. Memory skills sharpen. Balance and coordination improve. Adults tend to become more goal oriented in their personal and professional life. In this way, Taekwondo training becomes more than just a workout - it provides a healthy lifesyle.

The Benefits Our Program Provides:


Quality instruction
Learning personal protection skills
Improve health and wellness
A great form of stress relief
Increased confidence
An opportunity to learn something new
A fun way to get physically fit
Being part of an encouraging and motivating environment

Plus We offer quality instruction
A flexible class schedule of after school and weekend In clean, safe, world class facilities

We welcome you to visit us
at Texas White Tiger Tae Kwon Do


If this sounds a good match for you, register for our
Trial Program which includes classes and a uniform!

Texas White Tiger Tae Kwon Do



Our Trial Program is a great way to start.  Classes are fun, positive, encouraging, and offer a great way to get fit while learning self-defense skills for life.

Texas White Tiger Tae Kwon Do
3612 W. Main St, Ste 100, League City, TX 77573
P:  281-338-9900
Seong Tae Kim -  Owner and Master Instructor