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Believe in Yourself
Taekwondo teaches kids success skills for life!

Our Taekwondo program provides high quality instruction in more than just technical skills. We provide life skills and character development training to help your child succeed in all areas of their life. Our program was designed to foster self-discipline, instill a sense of respect and self-esteem, and enhance your child's physical, mental, and social development skills. Goal-setting is built into the program and your child will learn to set and achieve goals as they train for each belt level. These life skills carry over into their lives at school, at home, and on the playing field

Our children's classes are typically forty-five minutes in length and always begin with a warm up. No two classes are ever alike, but most include basic skills, techniques, and Poomsae (form) for their level. Classes include fun drills to improve strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, balance, reflexes, cardio fitness, and athletic skills. Children love the excitement of learning Taekwondo punching, kicks, and self-defense techniques. Our friendly instructors are expert at teaching the skills, motivating the students to do their best, while keeping the classes exciting, challenging, and fun.  Children look forward to coming to class.

Tae Kwon Do training provides essential
life skills and character traits such as...

Respect, Cooperation, Patience, Perseverance, and Courtesy, which are part of every class. As children work to achieve their Black Belt, they learn to face challenges, develop a sense of commitment, a strong work-ethic and perseverance. Their self-esteem, self-confidence ,and sense of self-reliance will grow as each new goal is achieved.

Taekwondo training helps children achieve success in school. It improves their ability to focus, concentrate, ignore distractions, and stay on task. Listening skills and their ability to follow instruction improve. Attention span lengthens, and children become better students. They become more self-reliant and realize they can achieve their goals.

At Texas White Tiger Taekwondo your child will learn:


Increased focus, concentration, and longer attention span
Respect for self and others
Cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skills
Physical fitness, Balance, Strength, Coordination
Set and achieve goals
Commitment and perseverance
Develop healthy habits, and learn that getting fit with Taekwondo is FUN

We offer quality instruction
A flexible class schedule of after school and weekend In clean, safe, world class facilities


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Come see for yourself the difference martial arts classes at Texas White Tiger Tae Kwon Do can make in your child's life.

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Seong Tae Kim -  Owner and Master Instructor