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Taekwondo Provides Leadership Training

Leading by example - Developing leadership skills

Once students learn basic skills, partner drills are introduced, and leadership training begins. Students learn how to properly (and safely) hold a target and work with their partner in a respectful manner so that each person can perform at their personal best. At Texas White Tiger Tae Kwon Do, it's not unusual to see a student (any age - from child to adult) inspiring his/her partner to do their best, or to keep trying when learning something new.

As students advance through each belt test they learn goal-setting, persistence, confidence, motivation, communication, and etiquette, and public speaking. They learn to focus on the task in front of them without distraction. They learn to kiyap with enthusiasm, and to lead the class by counting out loud for a class warmup exercise or drill. They begin to realize that the effort and enthusiasm they show is often reflected back to them by their partner's responses. Students began to overcome shyness and find a new level of confidence that they take with them throughout their life.
Advanced students may be asked to assist in class, hold a target for a group of students in a line drill, assist with teaching of a lower belt student, lead the class in the beginning warm up exercises, assist in a demonstration to the class, or lead a small group in poomsae practice.

Outstanding advanced students with an interest in teaching may be offered additional leadership and instructor training. These students understand the value of quality instruction, and may be seen assisting in classes as part of their training.

Tae Kwon Do is a great way to learn valuable life skills

Courtesy, Respect, Cooperation, Commitment, Perseverance. The journey to Black Belt will challenges students to set and achieve goals.
Self esteem and self confidence will grow as a result. Leadership training teaches students to be a leader who will motivate and inspire others while striving themselves for ever-higher achievement.

5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do, that are at the core of Taekwondo philosophy
(Guidelines for behavior inside and outside the dojang)
1 - Courtesy
2 - Integrity
3 - Perseverance
4 - Self-Control
5 - Indomitable Spirit

At Texas White Tiger Taekwondo you will learn:


Leadership skills
Better focus and concentration skills
To treat others with courtesy and respect
Self-control and cooperation
Coordination and the benefits of exercise and physical fitness
How to set and achieve goals
Perseverance and not giving up when faced with challenges

We offer quality instruction
A flexible class schedule of after school and weekend
In clean, safe, world class facilities

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Our Trial Program is a great way to start.  Classes are fun, positive, encouraging, and offer a great way to get fit while learning self-defense skills for life.

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Seong Tae Kim -  Owner and Master Instructor