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Sport Poomsae Training and Competition

Tournaments are not a mandatory part of TaeKwonDo training, but they offer unique opportunities
for personal growth and motivation for training.

TaeKwonDo tournaments provide a positive atmosphere for competition, and offer students a larger view of TaeKwonDo and the TaeKwonDo community. Students have the opportunity to meet other TaeKwonDo practitioners and learn that TaeKwonDo is for EVERYONE. As a sport, TaeKwonDo is practiced in over 200 countries around the world by all ages from 6 to 60+.

At tournament, students are able to experience the TaeKwonDo culture of courtesy, respect, integrity, self-control, and indomitable spirit in a larger setting (beyond the classroom).

Taekwondo tournaments provide:

*Motivation for practice
*Practice in goal-setting as students commit to and work towards a positive short-term goal
*Students often choose to improve physical fitness and conditioning for performance.
*Training for and competing in tournaments accelerates learning.
*Students who have participated in tournaments are far more effective when instructing others.
*Tournaments provide an opportunity to deal with positive pressures, develop performance abilities, and overcome fears
*Tournaments give students the opportunity to test their skills and learn where they need to improve. Students are sometimes surprised to find that other students at their level of experience have some of the same difficulties and successes in skills as them, and discover that this is part of the normal learning process. This leads to better understanding and motivation for practice.
*Tournaments are exciting and fun.


Sport Poomsae Colored Belt Division

Taegeuk Poomsae 1-8
Taegeuk Il Jang, Taegeuk Ee Jang, Taegeuk Sam Jang, Taegeuk Sa Jang, Taegeuk Oh Jang,
Taegeuk Yuk Jang, Taegeuk Chil Jang, Taegeuk Pal Jang

World Class Black Belt Poomsae

Taegeuk Poomsae 1-8, and Black Belt Poomsae (depending on age)
Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae, Cheonkwon, and Hansu

Poomsae Competition Events:

Local Events:
Houston Taekwondo Championships

Some of the Official WTF Events
Texas State Championships
U.S. National Championships
U.S. Open
WTF Poomsae World Championships

WTF events can be found on the USA Taekwondo website: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Taekwondo

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